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ABMA Building Management Code©


The ABMA Building Management Code© has been written by the Independent Review Panel – a nationwide group of specialist lawyers, academics, consultants, peak body associations, service contractors and Facilities Managers who are currently practicing in the residential and mixed-use strata space and who volunteer their time to contribute to the technical and legislative accuracy of the ABMA Code.

The full 360-degree contribution provided by the Independent Review Panel to the rigorous editing of the ABMA Code each year not only ensures currency with most recent legislative standards but guarantees 100% impartiality for all parties to the building management arrangement as well. Objective standards are documented with the best long-term interests of the building in mind.

Published in each state and territory of Australia since 2015, the ABMA Building Management Code© provides the only fully comprehensive guide to existing statutes imposing duties and responsibilities on the maintenance of common property in residential and mixed-use strata schemes around Australia.

Across 25+ chapters and 500+ pages, over 100+ pieces of complex legislation and Australian Standards are simplified and contextualised to the residential strata common property ‘workplace’. From the ABMA Code, your site-specific Facilities Management Plan can be developed for the full life of the scheme.

Available in hard copy, the ABMA Building Management Code© is your day-to-day reference text if you have duties around the servicing, maintenance and care of common property.


Governed by the Independent Review Panel, the ABMA Building Management Code© is reviewed annually, with every inclusion debated by the Panel members to ensure a 360-degree viewpoint is incorporated into every sentence.

The Independent Review Panel includes 30+ experts in their field of specialty including:

Chapter Study

Your step-by-step guide to all facets of the servicing, care and maintenance of the common property of a residential or mixed-use strata scheme are clarified in each easy-to-read and sector-specific chapter of the ABMA Building Management Code©, complete with regulatory compliance standards and implementation guidelines.

For additional detail, see Code Frequently Asked Questions & Summary (340 KB PDF)

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
- Introduction
Chapter 2
- Glossary & Definitions
Chapter 3
- Application
Chapter 4
- New Building Establishment
Chapter 5
- Hand-Over & Induction
Chapter 6
- Categorisation of Buildings
Chapter 7
- Roles & Responsibilities
Chapter 8
- Skills & Competencies
Chapter 9
- Essential Services
Chapter 10
- Fire Protection Systems
Chapter 11
- Capital & Non-Essential Infrastructure
Chapter 12
- Soft Services – Cleaning & Waste Disposal
Chapter 13
- Soft Services – Gardening
Chapter 14
- Recreational Areas
Chapter 15
- Swimming Pools & Spas
Chapter 16
- Minor Works
Chapter 17
- Work Health & Safety Compliance
Chapter 18
- Reporting & Record Keeping
Chapter 19
- Relationships & the ABMA Code of Conduct
Chapter 20
- Performance Management
Chapter 21
- Project Management & Capital Upgrades
Chapter 22
- Landlord & Tenants Maintenance & Compliance Responsibilities
Chapter 23
- The Facilities Management Plan
Chapter 24
- Regulatory Compliance via Self-Assessment
Chapter 25
- Managing a Defective Building Work Claim
Chapter 26
- Help & Advice
Chapter 27
- Bibliography
Chapter 28
- Index


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General Terms and Conditions (80 KB PDF)

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