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Remedy Standards Mediation Application

ABMA form MED01

All details required - unless marked Optional.

1. Enter your contact details:

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  By ticking this box I confirm that I am seeking assistance via Mediation from ABMA relating to a perceived non-compliance or breach of a building management standard.

  By ticking this box I confirm that I have received a Clarification of a Standard Notice from ABMA and have notified my counterpart (in writing) of this Clarification.

  By ticking this box I confirm that I have Authority to Act and request Mediation assistance with ABMA.

2. If you are representing a building owner (e.g. Body Corporate) please complete this section:

Enter the building details:

3. Enter the building owner details:

4. Enter the building owner Authorised Representative details:

Please provide details of the party your mediation request relates to:

5. Enter the company/entity details:

6. Enter the company Authorised Representative details:

7. Service Category:


8. Please indicate what area(s) your mediation request seeks to deal with:

Caretaking or Building Management services

Maintenance, repair or handiman services

Trade contractor works or service delivery standard

Cleaning or Gardening delivery standard

Compliance standard

Interpersonal behaviour standard

Work Health & Safety standard

Not Sure

9. Please indicate the standard(s) you believe require remedy:

Building Management Code of Australia

Service Contract Agreement (e.g. Caretaking agreement duties)

Australian Standard/s

Work Health & Safety legislation

Fire Safety legislation

Body Corporate & Community Management Act

Body Corporate By-Law/s

Not Sure

10. Please concisely describe the breach - in terms of…

11. Please supply key dates of…

First noticing the breach:


First notifying the contractor of the alleged breach:

Providing the contractor with the Clarification of a Standard notice from ABMA:

12. Response and outcomes…

13. Acknowledgements…

  I elect to post my documents to ABMA, GPO Box 1935, Brisbane Q.4001, within 14 days.

If you prefer to post your documents into ABMA, please complete this Mediation Application Form (including payment) online, then print out the completed form and attach all documents before posting to: ABMA, GPO Box 1935, Brisbane 4001.

  I have read and agree to the ABMA General Terms and Conditions ›

  I understand that the provision of requested documentation may be required to complete the Mediation Process.

  I understand that Mediation will be convened within the ABMA offices and extra charges may apply if an alternative venue is requested.

  I understand that until payment is received, no Mediation Session will be confirmed.

Online payment via major credit card will be processed via CommBank’s secure payment facility.

Remedy Standards Mediation Application processing fee: $990.00 (All prices inclusive of GST)

Applications will be responded to within 21 business days.

If no response has been received within 21 business days of submitting your Remedy Standards Mediation Application, please contact ABMA via email help@abma.org.au or Freecall 1800 123 262


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