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100% compliance with legislation must be the goal of every residential strata building owner and Facilities Manager in Australia and the ABMA understands how complex regulatory compliance can be.

Failure to provide evidence of compliance when requested by authorities may have disastrous ramifications for Owner’s Corporations, Bodies Corporate and strata schemes including regulatory infringement penalties, voided insurance claims and evacuated buildings.

Check the status of your building’s regulatory compliance via the ABMA Self-Assessment tool ›

The ABMA is a not-for-profit platform to assist building owners and Facilities Managers in managing regulatory compliance on the common property of residential and mixed-use strata schemes. We are the only regulatory compliance assessment authority in Australia. See our About Us ›

Would you prefer the extra assurance of a full external compliance audit? Order your Building Compliance Accreditation audit now and get the ABMA Gold Seal™ of regulatory compliance.

To book your external audit with an independently qualified ABMA Accredited Compliance & Performance Assessor contact us via Freecall 1800 123 262 or email help@abma.org.au


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